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November in Crete: a time for olives

Olive Harvest Tradition in Crete This month a ritual takes place on the island that dates back thousands of years. From November the olive harvest begins, and the age-old tradition for extracting the year’s olive oil gets underway. Across Crete…

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Exploring Apokoronas

Apokoronas - A Green Oasis in Crete The region in which Georgioupoli sits is one of the greenest and most fertile areas of Crete. Extending from the foothills of the White Mountains to the coast, Apokoronas comprises a wide plain…

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Visit Vamos: the village reborn

Vamos - A Charming Cretan Village Vamos - A Charming Cretan Village A trip to Vamos, eleven kilometres northwest of Georgioupoli, makes a great day-excursion. Once the capital of the Sfakia and Apokoronas, this is a traditional village dating from…

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Revealing the lyra: Crete’s music of the gods

Exploring Crete's Traditional Lyra Music and Instrument Unique to Crete, the lyra is the pear-shaped, three-stringed instrument that is played on the knee like a violin. Nothing is more Cretan than this ancient instrument, which according to Greek mythology, was…

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Savour spring in the Amari valley

Explore the Amari Valley in Crete With the mighty Psiloritis mountain range to the east and the Kedros moutains to the west, the Amari valley lies cradled 500 metres above sea level, an enchanting labyrinth of country lanes, connecting tiny…

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