Rethymno Adventures: Spili

Rethymno adventures: Spili

Midway between Rethymno and Agia Galini the pretty village of Spili is a relaxing, rejuvenating place. Authentic and largely untouched by major tourist developments, (apart the coaches that bring day-trippers on their way to and from the south coast) Spili…

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Raki: The Spirit Of Crete

Raki: the spirit of Crete

October sees one of the great annual rituals of Crete performed: it’s the month when the year’s raki production is begun. The process for making the fiery alcoholic liquor served after almost every meal in Crete has been the same…

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Explore The White Mountains

Explore the White Mountains

Majestic and inspiring, the White Mountains of Crete are snowcapped as Easter approaches and they may well stay that way until June. The Lefka Ori, as they’re known in Greek, are the island’s most famous mountain range, and a journey…

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