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Romantic Georgioupolis

Top Romantic Georgioupolis Spots for Couples

Romantic Georgioupolis Hotels Whether you stay at Eliros Mare Beachfront Poem Hotel, Anemos Grand Luxury Resort, Mythos Palace Resort & Spa or Pepper Sea Club Hotel, romantic Georgioupolis opens its arms with postcard-pretty places you will never forget. Romantic Georgioupolis…

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Traditional Cretan Weddings

Traditional Wedding in Crete When it comes to weddings, the Cretans follow certain customs and traditions that have remained unchanged throughout the years. Although the younger generations tend to organize more modern weddings, some important traditions remain the same. Below…

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beach wedding

Romantic Weddings on Crete: Georgioupoli Honeymoon

Crete Honeymoon Destinations Crete Honeymoon Destinations Crete is one of those destinations that inspire the "ever after," - that perfect ending to a love fairy-tale, where the prince and princess have a dream wedding, and an everlasting honeymoon. There are…

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