Valentine’s Day In Rethymno

Valentine’s Day in Rethymno

Valentine’s Day in Rethymno is not observed by the Greek Orthodox Church, but the Roman Catholic Church meets in Mesologhiou Street and you can always attend the St. Valentine’s mass here if you are religious. For non-religious visitors, the city offers enough restaurant and cafes for a romantic evening out, plus other interesting things to do to have a special celebration.

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Valentine’s Day In Chania

Valentine’s Day in Chania

Not many people make a big fuss about Valentine’s Day in Chania. Because the Greek Orthodox Church does not observe this holiday, only young people will mark their calendars to exchange gifts and chocolates. The Roman Catholic Church of Chania can be found in the town centre at Chalidon 46, between the Folklore Museum of Chania and the Archaeological Museum of Chania. The Roman Catholic Church of Chania has an international congregation, and mass is often held in English.

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