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Travel Essentials for your stay in Georgioupolis

Essentials for Your Summer Holidays

Most people get very anxious when it comes to packing the essentials for their summer holidays. Especially women know that the struggle is real when you want to pack all your favorite clothes but there is a weight limit!


1. The right luggage

The perfect luggage is quite difficult to find but it can save you a lot of time and effort when you are packing. It needs to be lightweight but big enough to hold all your things. Also, make sure that it follows the dimension guidelines of the company that you are going to travel with.

2. Necessary clothes

Always check the weather forecast before you start organizing the clothes that you are going to take with you. Even if it is summer, it would be advisable to take a light jacket just in case it gets cold during the night. Of course, do not forget your swimsuits and comfortable clothes for the travel.

Apart from that, you need to take into consideration the dress code of the hotel that you are staying in. For instance, if you are staying in a 5-star hotel (like Anemos Luxury Grand Resort), you need to be appropriately dressed in order to enter the restaurants. This especially applies to the gentlemen who need to wear long trousers.

3. Health Items

If you follow a specific medication or if you suffer from a condition, do not forget that you need to take with you all the necessary items that will help you stay carefree during your holidays. You need to include in your luggage, your medication as well as your prescriptions in case you need to visit a doctor. Make sure that you carry all the necessary documents that will help the doctor understand your medical history.

There is no need to panic though. In Georgioupolis, you can find many pharmacies that can supply you with the necessary medications and anything else you might need.

4. Technology Items

If you belong to the millennial generation, there is no way to travel without your technology items. Of course, you need to take with you your mobile phone (and its charger), your laptop or tablet. Especially if you are planning to work during your holidays, you need to take care of any documents that you might want to take with you. Also, do not forget your camera (or perhaps your GoPro camera) and all its equipment like an extra memory card, charger, and a tripod. Lastly, do not forget that you might need to take with you an electrical converter!

As you can imagine, the list of the things that you need to take with you for your holidays can be endless! The important thing is to pack the absolutely essentials that you are going to need while you are away. Do not forget that in Georgioupolis, you can find a variety of shops where you can purchase anything that you might forget to bring with you.

dreamstime_xl_31211261Do not forget that if you are staying in Anemos Luxury Grand Resort, our concierge team can help you arrange anything that you might need.

Simply pack your best smile and prepare to live unforgettable moments in Georgioupolis!

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