5 Villages To See When You Stay In Georgioupoli

5 Villages to See When You Stay in Georgioupoli

Georgioupoli is quite popular with tourists in the summer months and attracts many visitors. Even the residents of Crete enjoy coming to the beach here, at the apex of the bay of Almiros, to relax in the sun, to watch the nature unfolding its beauty, to breathe in the eucalyptus-perfumed air of the village, or just to pray at the iconic Chapel of Agios Nikolaos. But what if you want to adventure outside of Georgioupoli?

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Hiking Pachnes: Trip To The Top Of The World

Hiking Pachnes: Trip to the Top of the World

At 2453 meters altitude, Pachnes is the highest peak of the White Mountains and the second highest on Crete. Located in the municipality of Sfakia, in the Lefká Óri mountain range, it is a popular hiking destination, as its routes are not as difficult as others, and the views are spellbinding.

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