Chania’s Charming Tabakaria And Halepa Neighborhoods

Chania’s Charming Tabakaria and Halepa Neighborhoods

Chania is one of the Cretan destinations many tourists love to write home about, for it’s a charming coastal town, with typical architecture, a lively promenade with fantastic sea views, deep-rooted traditions and culture, cuisine to die for, and all kinds of activities that keep locals and visitors alike busy for days.

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Cretan Honey And Its Miraculous Health Benefits

Cretan Honey and Its Miraculous Health Benefits

History of Beekeeping on Crete

Honey is one of the flagship agricultural products on Crete, valued as much as olive oil and citrus farming. Historical evidence shows that the art of beekeeping arrived in Greece from Ancient Egypt, most likely through Crete. Indeed, the oldest hives found here date from 3400 BC. The clay hives were unearthed at Phaistos, the Minoan palace in the south of the island.

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Hike Around Limni Kourna To Take In The Apokoronas Countryside

Hike Around Limni Kourna to Take in the Apokoronas Countryside

Limni Kourna, in translation Lake Kourna (also spelled Lake Kournas), is Crete’s only freshwater lake. It’s an alkali-type lake, with a nature preserve in a dreamlike setting, which boasts hiking paths, lakeside beach, paddleboats, and tavernas. The lake is very interesting for tourists staying at Eliros MareAnemos Grand Luxury Resort, or Mythos Palace Resort & Spa, as it is located only 4 km from the center of Georgioupoli.

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Asi Gonia Is The Perfect Spot To Escape The Heat Of The Summer

Asi Gonia Is the Perfect Spot to Escape the Heat of the Summer

Asi Gonia is a mountain village of about 800 souls, the smallest municipal unit of Apokoronas. It is historically mentioned for the first time during the Venetian domination. Today, it is one of those Cretan destinations that preserve traditions stubbornly, despite the tourist boom of the past ten years. Plus, the many plane trees here keep the place fresh and shady – perfect to escape the scorching summer sun from June until the end of August.

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