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Mythos Palace Resort & Spa

Mythos Palace Resort & Spa in Georgioupoli

Mythos Palace Resort & Spa: Your Cretan Retreat

Mythos Palace Resort & Spa: Your Cretan Retreat

More typically Cretan than tourist-ridden destinations like Heraklion, nestled on the coast of the Sea of Crete, just at the half way between Chania and Rethimno, Georgioupoli is a pristine chunk of undulating countryside, of breathtaking natural beauty, at the apex of Almiros Bay. The area is home to scenic rocky coast and sandy beaches, but also boasts several sleepy traditional Cretan villages, and many idyllic, hidden places around the rivers and marshy landscapes. And event at the peak of the season, despite the tourist invasion, there are still many areas of peace and quiet in and around Georgioupoli.

One of these special places, your Mythos Palace Resort & Spa stands on one of the most beautiful Blue Flag beaches on the north coast. You literally step out of your room straight onto the beach, enjoying the clear blue of the waters, the breeze, and the sand under your feet.

Mythos Beach

This is one of those things you will not find described on travel sites recommending our hotel, a carefully guarded secret, if you will, which we only divulge to our most cherished guests. Imagine an invigorating, gentle wind, softly refreshing your skin as you sunbathe on the beach, laying comfortably on a recliner chair in your gazebo. Or, if you want to feel pampered like a VIP, a massage on the beach is just what you need for that perfect feeling that makes your stay at Mythos truly legendary.

massage mythos

Than take the path to the spa, the place we like to describe as our holistic “temple” of well-being. We called it Aphrodite, like the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, and once inside its walls, you will easily understand why. Everything here was designed with love, and attention to detail: the indoor swimming pool is relaxing just to look at, and the massage menu can rival with those of the poshest and most exclusive spas in the world, with a large offer of styles, including acupressure, reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy and other pampering techniques that will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

mythos spa

And then, there are our bars and restaurants, with resonant names like Dionysos, which is the main lounge; Kafenion, which is the traditional Greek cafe; the white Argo, our scenic taverna, right on the edge of the coast; Bacchus, the main restaurant; and, finally, the bars: one by the pool, Blue Lagoon, and one on the beach, Siroco. These offer a you wealth of surprises, and authentic Cretan hospitality. Imagine the Lobster Nights at Argo, with their self explanatory thematic, or the Greek nights at Bacchus… Or picture yourself enjoying an exotic cocktail by the crystal-clear swimming pool of Mythos Palace.


Mythos Palace is ideal for a romantic escape, but it is also the perfect family destination. There are so many things for kids to do during your stay: there’s never a dull moment when you call Mythos your home on Crete. We have playgrounds and pools for little guests, but also a series of fun-filled activities to keep them busy while you, the adults, enjoy the finest things we have to offer.

mythos playground

Finally, when we talk about accommodation, Mythos is second to none. The resort was designed to offer the perfect accommodation for every situation. Beautifully furbished rooms, suites and villas are expecting their guests with enormous, Princess-and-the-Pea-sized beds, covered in lush linen, with comfy pillows and colorful cushions that make you want to linger for hours between the sheets in the morning. Can you already picture yourself inside a Mythos villa, admiring the fresh green of the resort garden from your private daybed, lazy under the Cretan sky? If this is not enough to tempt you, rest assured, there’s so much more we prepared to make you feel like a sheikh!


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