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Future Looks Bright | A romantic short period film from Crete full of optimism!

Anemos Luxury Resort – Time Adventure

A unique time adventure against the backdrop of the Cretan countryside featuring life on the island from the last century! Anemos Luxury Resort presents a short film that chronicles the life of a Cretan couple 100 years ago. Sick and tired of their trivial everyday life and their lack of goods, one summer day, they discover something unexpected in their field! For a brief moment, they hope it is an object of value, which the man, despite the criticisms of his wife who has accepted their boring daily life, runs to the “shopkeeper” of the village for an appraisal. After looking up in old books and documents, they discover they have an infamous time machine in their hands that the man was meant to come across.

The evening falls on the village and the couple takes the big decision. They will travel in the future! After a daring journey, their adventure lands them on one of the most famous beaches in Greece, that of Kavros in Georgioupolis, Chania, where the Anemos Luxury Resort is located! Our heroes come face to face with a completely different reality. The passing of years changed everything… but not the most essential i.e., the Cretan hospitality, which gives the couple the opportunity to meet from the very beginning! Enjoy their journey here: Anemos YouTube Video

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