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Rethymno adventures: Spili

Spili Village - A Cretan Retreat A Cretan Retreat Midway between Rethymno and Agia Galini, the pretty village of Spili is a relaxing, rejuvenating place. Authentic and largely untouched by major tourist developments (apart from the coaches that bring day-trippers…

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Raki: the spirit of Crete

Raki Production in Crete Raki Production in Crete October sees one of the great annual rituals of Crete performed: it’s the month when the year’s raki production is begun. The process for making the fiery alcoholic liquor served after almost…

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Crete: A Surprising Winter Destination

Winter Vacation on Crete Winter Vacation on Crete Planning a winter vacation on Crete is not something usually found on travelers' bucket lists since the island is mainly preferred for its delightful beachside lifestyle. Most resorts close their doors in…

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Rethymno ready to party

2019 Rethymno Carnival 2019 Rethymno Carnival With the 2019 Rethymno Carnival officially opened, the city is expecting more than 15,000 revellers to take part on its big weekend, kicking off on Friday March 8. Dating back more than 100 years,…

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